FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is an Automotive BDC?

BDC is a common acronym for "business development center".  An Automotive BDC is specifically set up as a department within a car dealership or dealer group.  Automotive BDC's can be built and staffed by the dealership or the dealership can hire and Automotive BDC that offers virtual or remote service.  In either case, the BDC is typically responsible for handling all inbound sales leads including phone calls.  Ideally, a BDC is installed to respond to consumers faster and with higher quality compared to standard floor sales people.  A successful automotive BDC not only provides a consistent process, it operates as a profit center.  If your BDC doesn't help you sell more than you could without it, your BDC is a cost center.  Automotive BDC's should always be profit centers.

How do car dealers typically use automotive BDC's?

The most common BDC is often referred to as the "in-house" BDC.  In this scenario, the dealership takes on the responsibility of preparing space and purchasing equipment along with hiring and training their own "in-house" BDC staff.  While in-house BDC's can be successful, they also come with stress and challenges most dealers are not prepared for.  Turnover rates are not exclusive to sales related positions inside dealerships.  BDC's also present staffing difficulties including finding, training and retaining high quality talent.  

Do you offer BDC services to non-automotive businesses?

We are capable of working with businesses outside of the automotive industry.  If a business uses CRM technology to manage their customers, we meet with them and evaluate their needs along with their technology to determine fit.

Does STROLID dedicate a team to handle leads for our dealership?

Yes, all of our sales BDC options include dedicated team support.

Do you only handle inbound sales leads and phone calls?

We do offer Outbound BDC services.  Please see our services page for more information or reach out to our team to learn more.

What is a good lead response time for a car dealership?

15 minutes has been an acceptable standard for several years.  At STROLID we strive for a 10 minutes or less REAL response time.

How many leads and phone calls can STROLID handle compared to an in-house BDC?

Stay tuned.

How do your chat, text and messenger services work?

Our fully managed chat/text and FB messenger service is called ModCom which stands for Modern Communication.  Our dedicated ModCom team are REAL humans who have been properly trained to provide a great experience for your customers.  24 hours a day.  7 days a week.