Strolid engages car buyers on behalf of dealers, making it easier to take care of the customers in the store.  

Strolid employees are trained to handle any automotive conversation, including the most complex customer interactions for both sales, service and followup.

Strolid at a Glance

  • Founded: 2014
  • Dealerships: 104
  • Conversations: 70k/month
  • Employees: 140
  • Patents: 1 Pending

Strolid's Story

Strolid's founder, Vin Micciche, began selling cars after college. In 1996,  Vin started Ira Motor Group's first BDC, and has held management positions including sales manager, F&I manager and General Manager.  After graduating the NADA academy in 2006, Vin built the centralized BDC's for one of country's largest Dealer Groups

Vin started Strolid in 2013, gathering the best of his team, embarked on a journey to improve customer experience while communicating virtually with dealerships.   Over the past 20 years, the team has continuously improved the process, delivering the best customer experience and sales results for our clients.  Investing in technology since the inception of Strolid, Strolid doubled down on that commitment and hired communications pioneer Thomas Howe as CTO in 2021. 

Today, Strolid offers a complete set of services for retail automotive customer communications: sales, service, online, and outbound for equity mining, CSI and followup.  Our platform, the CXM, has API integrations with many partners  including ELeads, Vinsolutions and Dealersocket. In addition, Strolid boasts one of the most innovative engineering departments in the communications field, designing the first vCon, a key component in data centric Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

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I don't consider Strolid
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It's a foundational piece
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