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You want to sell more cars.

Now what?


How can STROLID help your dealership?


Sales BDC

Complete sales BDC options for dealers who need a consistent process for leads and phone calls.



Today’s digital consumers prefer to communicate via text, Facebook Messenger and chat. Are you ready?


Service BDC

For dealers looking for help scheduling service appoints and keeping fixed ops business a priority.


The STROLID Difference.

It’s never been more difficult for dealers to keep up with the demands of modern digital customers, never ending turnover, training and lead handling across multiple lead providers and sources. STROLID helps dealers by bridging the gap between online shoppers and the dealership. With urgency, speed and quality, we leverage the merits of personalization, convenience and transparency. 

Our team is comprised of professionals who spend their first 6 weeks training. Focusing on preparation enables our ability to provide world class service.  Our approach is personal not robotic and our human-touch communication assists prospects through the shopping process.  In addition, we built technology to power efficiency and provide data insights for our dealers to use in determining true value from their digital marketing vendors.

We were born to help dealers sell more cars and maximize their marketing investments by executing a consistent sales process on their behalf. Using our STROLID CXM modern communication platform, we ultimately help dealers drive costs down and drive sales opportunities up through strong process and modern communication.

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If you quit on the process, you are quitting on the result.
— Idowu Koyenikan


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