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This is an icon of a checkmark indicating that You have your team at strolid who interacts with your managers as a service of Strolids Sales BDC.

Your team

Strolid provides a team of Client advisors with multiple managers who work hand in hand with your managers to sell cars. We believe in relationships and the importance of communication. Over the years, we have learned it's crucial to encourage Strolid agents to grow as a team with our dealer's staff.
Strolid Sales BDC
This icon represents the client success team at strolid, which is responsible for addressing an automotive dealer's concern about their BDC department.

Client Success Team

We have a team of Client Success managers responsible for controlling the quality of our relationships and the performance of our dealers: no support tickets, an experienced professional who knows how to solve any issues which may arise. 

Our Client Success Team holds monthly meetings with Dealership Management to help guide performance and improve communication. These are effective meetings with actionable data and direction. It also allows both teams to come together and build friendships and mentorships. 
Strolid Sales BDC
This is an icon of a checkmark representing Strolid's Training team and the benefits our training team provides Automotive Dealers as a Service of Strolids Sales BDC.

Your training team

Training is an integral part of our culture. Our Client Advisors spend three weeks training before entering a mentorship program for 90 days. When our Training Managers are not introducing new Client Advisors to our company, they train with our seasoned staff to solidify process, word tracks, and performance. This consistent process of education and review assures you the best possible candidates are working with your customers. 
Strolid Sales BDC