• Creating a financial plan for a BDC

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Strolid Sales BDC

Using the calculator

To the left is a financial forecast for a BDC. The data can not be manipulated while it is on the page. To adjust the numbers to your dealerships' performance, simply click the computer icon in the lower right-hand side of the frame, as in the example below. The Excel sheet will expand, click to edit, and you can edit the information highlighted in green.


When Excel opens, it will state it is read only.  Click continue, and the sheet can be populated with the information you would like to enter.    


We used the following assumptions

1. Average income for a BDR to be $4500.00 per month. This is actually lower than most dealerships experience. 

2. We used 200 leads per BDR. You may feel uncomfortable with the work load this creates. 

3. We estimated 45 scheduled hours. More than 45 and your employee turnover rate will increase dramatically. 

4. We estimated 5 Personal Days and 5 Vacation Days.

5. We used industry standard of 49% turnover rate.

6. Cox Automotive's estimate of $10,000 in training costs and expenses in hiring. 

7. Legal and supervision was estimated at $1000.00. This would include senior management time and attorneys to handle major issues. 

The balance of unmentioned items is pretty clear.

The cost reflected in this proforma does not include the handling of incoming phone calls. We do handle phone calls in our Sales and Service BDC.