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Strolid's BDC Outbound Campaigns

This is an icon of a checkmark representing the Strolid Sales BDC  outbound program that completes inventory and trade acquisition campaigns.

Strolid's Outbound BDC inventory - trade acquisition campaigns

Selling cars seems easy today in comparison to sourcing cars. Strolid's BDC can develop, implement and execute inventory acquisition campaigns to limit bidding wars at the block. With the market as hot as it is, with the changes in our work lifestyle, there's gold in your database of clients.

If you have the inventory, we'll reach out to your client base and look for trades exchanges.  An automotive dealer can make the best deal with a client who has a trade-in. The straight-up, no-trade buyer isn't the best option. Strolid works on finding more clients with trades as a priority for dealership inventory replenishment. 

This is an icon of a checkmark indicating Strolids Sales and Service Outbound campaigns can boost direct mail and email campaigns.

Strolid's BDC Outbound email and direct mail boost campaigns

Strolid's BDC is ready to assist in calling, emailing and working your marketing campaigns to boost performance. Don't let the sales performance go unaided. Let our experienced staff boost the results and maximize your return.

This is an icon of a checkmark indicating Strolid can complete Automotive dealer campaigns for Recalls.

Strolid's Outbound BDC recall campaigns

Recalls are a part of life and always will be in the automotive industry. Recalls allow automotive dealers to strengthen their relationships with their clients, get the vehicle on a lift for further inspections of brakes, tires, and other maintenance items, possibly purchase or trade the vehicle, but most importantly, build the bottom line. 

This icon of a checkmark indicating strolid's sales and service BDC can complete CSI calls for feedback.

Strolid's Outbound Sales and Service CSI Campaigns

Strolid completes outbound CSI calls for both Sales and Service allowing dealers to resolve issues at the right time.                

This icon of a checkmark indicating Strolids sales and service BDC can customize outbound calls for automotive dealers.

Strolid's Outbound Custom Campaigns

Name the campaign you need and our team will work with your to design, implement and achieve the results you need.