Never Miss a Service Call Again

Service advisors can't answer the phone when they're already talking with a customer.  But Strolid can talk to your customer, and Strolid does, 70k times a month, eight years running. 

Find The Plan

Strolid's team of trained, professional and experienced agents extends your team to help your customers.  We help over a hundred dealerships, let us help you.

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Focused Advisors

Freed from the ringing phones, your service advisors can focus on the customers right in front of them.

Better Customer Experience

Say goodbye to easily avoided customer frustration with better communications.

Consistent CSI

Never miss a complaint, never miss a complement. Find problems quick

Keep the Bays Busy

Keep your service drive full and alive with outbound campaigns for missed appointments, warranties and recalls

Strolid Advantages

Expert Trained Staff

Strolid's teams are professionally trained to give your customer's the best service experience, and protect your store's reputation

Consistency and Precision

Our teams run twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, providing a consistent and precise experience

World Class Platform

Strolid's Team works on our patent pending platform, with an industry leading feature set, perfect for servicing next generation buyers
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