Never Miss A chat, text, Google Message or Facebook Messenger again!

    Picture of a graph showing 70% of customers prefer live agents over artificial intelligence, and this is why Strolid sales and service BDC is committed to real people.

    Percent of consumers prefer live agents to artificial intelligence 

    Picture of a graph showing 85% of people who use live chat convert from a lead to a sale

    Shoppers who use live chat and text convert at greater rates

    Picture of a graph showing 92%  of people who use live chat have greater satisfaction. Automotive dealers use Strolid Sales and Strolid BDC for this reason.

    Live chat And text have the highest levels of customer satisfaction

Icon checkmark with Link to Your Team Page describing the expectations of what your team would look like if you did business with Strolid - indicating Strolid Sales BDC has Real People with Real Solutions

Real People with Real Solutions

Communication has become such an impersonal experience and has caused the erosion of personal relationships. Strolid Bridges the gap with an Automotive Dealerships management team. We build a great relationship with your clients. When we set an appointment, we transfer the customer directly to your showroom via processes guaranteed to make the experience great for the client and your team.  Find out more about your Team at Strolid!
Button with Link to Your Team Page describing the expectations of what your team would look like if you did business with Strolid - indicating Strolid Sales BDC has Real People with Real Solutions
Icon for Google Messaging, which is a service Strolid provides to automotive dealerships by answering automotive dealer clients messages twenty-four hours a day

Google Messaging

Google designed Google Messages to improve the consumer experience. Goggle will measure the performance of online businesses and Google Messages, such as quality of communication, engagement, and response rates.

Algorithms structured on engagement will directly impact the relevance of Google rankings. Strolid's technology department continues to develop software to integrate communication channels. Strolid's BDC includes Google Messages in our MODCOM Package and text, chat, and Facebook Messenger. 
Icon for Facebook Messenger, which is a service Strolid Sales BDC  provides to automotive dealerships for their BDC departments, otherwise known as Business development centers

Facebook Messenger 

Strolid's Business Development Center (BDC) facilitates communication to match our Automotive Dealer's client's wants and needs. Some consumers wish to text, chat or use Facebook Messenger. The number of channels to monitor becomes overwhelming for Automotive Dealers. Customer schedules do not necessarily match our business model.

As with Google Messages, the time to respond to your client is moments after they reach out. When a customer decides to Chat, Message, or text, they are ready to buy.

Our experienced staff of BDC retail agents can answer all questions and create a lead to a sale. We increase the value of Facebook Messenger for automotive dealers, from a tool many feels is simply a checkbox to satisfy the factory, to an effective conversion platform to sell cars. 
This is an icon that represents the services strolid sales BDC provides. Strolid offers automotive dealerships live text and chat as a tool for Automotive BDC departments.

Text and Chat

Do you have text capabilities and chat on your website? Most dealers check the box. Does it convert? We measure it, yet we don't depend on it. A quick and relative response is essential to increase conversions. Customers only wait moments before they abandon the page and look elsewhere for answers.

Strolid's Sales and Service BDC takes the complexity out of monitoring multiple communication channels. Strolid's BDC responds to Text and Chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We convert leads to sales. 
This is an icon for an appointment that Strolid offers to make for dealers who are on their Business Development Center package, otherwise known as Automotive BDC.

Solid Appointments

Appointment quality is crucial. A company can enter a million appointments, yet what was the point if they didn't arrive in the showroom?

Our people are compensated on results, and vehicle sales are a driving component. Strolid's team of trained BDC agents work closely with your management team to coordinate appointments, set the right expectations and work with your team to follow up to ensure they arrive as promised. 

We make our appointments effective by Vertically Scheduling to eliminate stress on dealership resources and increase the chances of conversion from a lead to a sale.
This is a picture linked to our Page Your Team describing the team we assign to automotive dealerships when they do business with Strolid. It's a picture of a person and a laptop representing a Strolid Client Advisor working with Automotive Dealerships as part of our Business Development Center or BDC package.

Real People with Real Solutions

Everyone who works with Strolid's Sales and Service BDC is a Salesperson, as should every person your client encounters when searching for a new or used vehicle. 

Strolid's Sales BDC employs real people who become part of our clients, Automotive Dealers, team. Stolid's BDC staff transfers relationships via processes designed to ensure an incredible client and staff experience. We care for our people and set them up for success. We train them for six weeks working on their knowledge of the automotive industry, personality traits, NLP, objection handling, and relationship building.