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Our Sales BDC includes all benefits from ModCom and Real Response

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Your Team

Your Team consists of a team of Client Advisors, the Client Success Team, and Strolid's Training Department
Our Team of Client Advisors and multiple managers are assigned to your account and become a part of your management team.  

Your team at Strolid works out of your CRM with full accountability and transparency for the work we complete. You have full control over your team without having to hire, train, manage and replace BDC personnel. That's the Strolid advantage.

Discover more about your team below!
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Work flows
We have multiple levels of workflows to meet all the needs of our dealers. Our programs start with ModCom, Real Response. Our programs can grow into ​offerings, allowing our dealers to eliminate their internal BDC and allocate personnel to other, more productive roles.  

This checkMark icon representing Strolid Sales BDC provides automotive Dealers with Word Tracks and templates to convert their leads to sales.

Templates and word Tracks
Our templates and word tracks have been developed based on over five million conversations. Our ability to collect and analyze data from these conversations provides an insight into customer sentiment. We create many of our training materials from this data, and we review this data daily to determine the best pivot points for our dealers.

This icon of a check box indicating Strolid Sales BDC provides dealers with processes enabling an excellent consumer experience.

We have clean processes designed to convert leads to showroom traffic and sales. It's not just about setting appointments; it's about setting expectations for both your managers, staff, and your clients. 

Our goal is to create a great purchasing experience allowing our team, Your managers, in the showroom to focus on what is in front of them: Car Deals.

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