Strolid Real Response

This is a checkmark representing the paragraph next to it about answering leads twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Even if an automotive dealer is closed, we answer their leads and help clients.

We respond to every lead twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!

Personalized Responses, No Bots, real response from real people for real people! What? 24-7? Quick Response with 3 VIN Specific Alternatives for new and used vehicles, and all questions answered? First impressions are essential, and quick responses resonate with consumers.

Even when your business is closed, be it 3 AM or Sunday, we'll answer your leads correctly, make appointments, and set you up for the next day's success!

Strolid Client Advisors get the job done. Our Client Advisors respond to every customer lead immediately, providing them with all the information needed for your customer to decide on a vehicle, and alternative new and used cars closely matching their wants and needs. We don't answer leads; we convert leads to sales. 
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Compelling responses! It's not just about "stopping the clock" 

We all want to attend to our clients immediately with a solid, relevant, and compelling response. OEM franchises measure "stopping the clock" performance on leads and Mystery Shops. OEMs do this to measure our performance. Dealers understand providing the best possible buying experience for clients is good business. Strolid meets and exceeds Mystery shops from the OEM. 

We don't do it for Mystery Shops; we do it because our dealers and their clients want it.
This is a check mark icon representing we handle lead provider-specific responses to automotive dealers client leads

Lead Provider specific responses

Our Responses are formatted based upon the specific lead provider type and designs templates to respond correctly, acknowledging the source and the questions every time.
This is an icon of a check mark indicating Strolid's BDC provides options for automotive dealers clients

People like alternatives

Our Client Advisors respond to clients with VIN Specific choices for both new and used vehicles. Three new vehicle alternatives and three used vehicle alternatives with photos and complete descriptions. Each vehicle represented has direct links back to your website, redirecting third-party and factory lead sources back to your inventory. 

This is an icon representing Strolid that provides an automated scheduler for clients to set appointments with automotive dealers who are clients of Strolids BDC for Sales.

Automated Scheduler

Some people want to buy a car, and we don't get in the way when they do. We have an automated scheduler linked to every template, allowing your customers to book an appointment with a simple click. We make your client's lives easier by making it simple to do business with you. 
This is an icon of a check mark indicating  Strolid redirects factory and third-party lead provider back to Automotive Dealers Websites as a service of Strolids Sales BDC and Real Response

Redirection of third party and factory leads

Our Templates funnel your customers back to your website inventory, not back to a third-party or factory site. Driving traffic back to your website allows you to build organic traffic. It also allows your customer to find even more inventory options, introduces them to your service parts department, and gives them more reasons to buy from you.