Digital Retailing: STROLID Can Help

Do you have a digital retailing tool, YES or NO?  If NO, not a big deal, but you will need a trade-in tool, an online credit application and absolutely must be willing to give a price and payment for this to work. When trying to understand how digital retailing can benefit your customers and dealership, keep it simple and think about how the car buying process works.

Dealers who want to transition to a digital retailing environment MUST treat customers at home as if they were in the showroom.

Traditionally, the BDC sets an appointment, the customer arrives, then we start the ten steps to a sale. We still have the 10 steps but they’ve changed.

woman drinking coffee shopping for cars online
Lead Received

Having a digital retailing tool or not is not a big deal. A meet and greet can start with a phone call, chat, text, email, or a message through Facebook. This can be handled by Strolid and handed off to your management team and/or salespeople at the dealership. The BDC and/or the digital retailing tool may or may not collect all of the info needed to complete a transaction. Once handed-off to the manager the following nine steps are necessary.

cars inside car dealer showroom
Vehicle Selection

Can be done by Strolid or a digital retailing tool in step one, but a customer could change during negotiations when they find out they can afford more, the vehicle is too much, or they decide to look at something different.

woman test driving a car
Test Drive

Strolid has a solution to securely transport both your vehicle and the trade back and forth between the customer and your store.

trade in appraisal of a car
Trade Appraisal

Info can be gathered by Strolid using your online trade tool. Appraisals will be adjusted once the vehicle is physically inspected; adjustments will be communicated by your management or salespeople. Strolid can assist with secure transport of both your vehicle and trade between the customer and your store. Alternatively, we can go to the trade vehicle and take photos. Otherwise, your team will need to collect all the necessary appraisal information from the customer.

man inside car calculating payments
Payment & Money Down

Alternatively, Strolid or your team will need to collect information on money down, desired payment, etc. This may change when the customer can’t afford the payment.

man inside car checking his credit on mobile phone

If available, Digital Retailing can handle this step. Alternatively, Strolid or your team can walk the customer through your online credit application.

car salesman discussing details with customer
Present Figures aka: Pencil

Done by someone at the dealership & most likely reviewed and/or presented by a manager. The dealership will gain commitment once numbers have been presented and both the customer and dealership are in agreement. This is where a digital retailing tool has its most value if used properly by the customer and in conjunction with a manager. It is extremely important that the dealer is OK with the method their digital retailing tool presents the pencil.

woman signing vehicle purchase agreement
Buy It Now

Once in agreement, the customer either hits the “Buy It Now” button on the digital retailing tool or the dealer congratulates the customer. The customer is introduced to a virtual F&I manager or a digital F&I menu if available.

couple sitting in F&I office at dealership
F & I

The F&I Manager offers products or adds to whatever was selected through a digital retailing or F&I menu tool. F&I prepares the paperwork. Strolid has a solution to securely deliver paperwork and/or pick up the trade at the customer's house.

happy couple taking delivery of their new car
Vehicle Delivery

Strolid has a solution to securely deliver the new vehicle to the customer’s home or office.