Strolid MODCOM Logo with link to Strolid MODCOM Page, which is a product providing Google Messages, Facebook Messenger, text, and chat for automotive dealers


Never miss a chat, text, or message

Increase Operational Hours

Increase lead engagement and  conversion

Free up valuable time

Essential Tools

Google Messages

Facebook Messenger



Strolid's Automotive BDC Service is open 24 hours a day answering leads and phones for automotive dealers

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Strolid Service BDC Icon with Link to Strolid Real Response Page providing automotive dealers with rapid response to leads


24/7 Real Response to leads 

All answers given based on lead provider best practices.

VIN specific new and used vehicle alternatives provided 

Email linked auto scheduler for appointments

Funnel third partly  and factory lead traffic back to your website

Avoid pricing errors


mystery shop requirement

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Strolid Sales BDC Icon with link to Strolid Sales BDC Page providing Automotive Dealers with complete BDC packages to operate their dealerships


LOgo Of MODCOM and MODCOM Real Response a product sold as an Automotive BDC Tool to chat, text, Google Messages and Facebook Messenger along with Email and Phone

Your Team - A team of Client Success Advisors with multiple managers assigned who act and perform as if they're in your store.

Never Miss Another Call.

Call Scripts designed to sell Appointments and more importantly, Cars

  1. Complete follow-up plan to meet your needs from hybrid to complete BDC coverage
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Strolid Logo Icon with a link to Strolid Service BDC page provides automotive dealers with complete Service BDC packages to handle customer communications.


Never Miss Another A Call

24-7 Appointments 

Via ModCom

Out-Bound CSI 


 Outbound campaigns and more.

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Strolid Logo links to Strolid Outbound Campaigns providing automotive dealers with trade and inventory acquisition campaigns and other campaigns to generate business.


Find more Opportunities 

Inventory and Trade acquisition

Equity mining

Direct mail and email boost campaigns

CSI customer feed back campaigns

Custom Campaigns

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