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Strolid BDC Solutions is looking forward to sharing some exciting developments at Strolid. Preparation will make 2022 an excellent year.

Strolid is kicking the year off with a rival to our Sales BDC offering! Service BDC Solutions, facilitating the same extraordinary processes we have developed over the past two decades in sales. 

MODCOM has also been a considerable benefit to our dealers, providing one-upmanship in our client's competitive market. Think about delivering communication channels 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year with Real People! The benefits to our dealers and their clients are tremendous! 

Our outbound call center is up and running and creates many inventory and trade-in acquisition opportunities. Adjusting to the needs of our dealers is our number one priority. Obtaining sales with trades, or better yet, simply acquiring inventory from prior customers, reduces our dealer's cost of sale for used vehicles and boosts the bottom line. 

See us at Booth 4957W. We'd love to hear about your business and how we can help!

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Vinnie Micciche
CEO/Founder Strolid 
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